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Lynchburg Architect Amanda Adams on an Architectural Approach to Historic Preservation

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Love My Lynchburg Home Stage

Amanda Adams from CJMW Architecture discusses renovation of old houses and historic properties from the perspective of the architect.

Amanda's project experience has focused on historic preservation projects for private, corporate and institutional clients. Each of these projects has emphasized the leveraging of State and Federal Historic Tax Credits, as well as other incentives available, to promote community revitalization. This work includes developing energy efficient and smart sustainable solutions for preservation projects.

Amanda frequently serves as the day-to-day leadership and point-of-contact for historic preservation project. She applies her design and technical skills in innovative and creative ways that respect the client’s goals and budget and the building’s historic integrity while translating the vision to successful reality. Her skills in dealing with Historic Tax Credit reviews at all levels – local, State Historic Preservation Offices and National Park Service –are invaluable to the evaluation and preservation planning process.